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At Clear Horizons, one of our missions is to provide teachers, therapists and other professionals who interact with the autism community with the resources they need to carry out their duties. By offering internship and externship opportunities to university students studying special education, speech and occupational therapy and related areas, we offer these students hands-on training under the careful supervision of our trained professionals. This allows these university students to leave their studies prepared to meet the professional demands ahead of them.

Of course, you do not need to work in a classroom or clinic to be impacted by this disorder. There are countless people who in the course of their professional duties interact with the autism community. Our goal is to provide these professionals with the resources they need to make these interactions as successful as possible.

Autism: A Survival Guide for Caregivers


Clear Horizons is a founding member of the Utah County Autism Resources (UCAR) working group that brings together nonprofits, school districts, university officials and other. Our goal is to strategically work together to address the rise of autism in Utah County.

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