Lexie’s Story

Clear Horizons Academy is often the discovery of a lifetime for the parents of children diagnosed with autism. Following is an account from the parent of just one of our amazing students, Lexie:

In October 2007, I received a disturbing phone call from Lexie’s elementary teacher. She had called simply to explain that Lexie was perfectly content to station herself in front of the bookshelf at school and read Disney books all day. She continued to apologize for this but explained she felt very overwhelmed by the other eleven other kids she had in her Autism unit, and was unable to make any changes to this routine.

I hung up the phone with some very strong emotions. I needed Lexie’s school to provide her with something I couldn’t. Lexie could very well stay at home all day and read books. But what could I do? The school was already booked to capacity and despite my anger, I fully knew I would not be able to handle twelve children with autism either. So, I decided I would talk to my husband about this and weigh out our options.

Well, ten minutes later, I was out getting the mail and lo and behold there was a brochure from Clear Horizons Academy! I jumped on the phone and called my husband. His immediate response was, “Call them now!”

And so I did. After reviewing the educational program, touring the school, and examining the breakdown of tuition, we discovered Clear Horizons Academy was within our budget. There would be some sacrifices we would have to make, but that would be worth it for Lexie’s progression.

Since December 3, 2007, I can’t believe the progress Lexie has made! Do you know what it is like to have to wait eight years for your child to say her name for the first time? Have you tasted the tears of joy when you witness your child who only ever says a few words, type on the computer, proving that just because she can’t talk doesn’t mean she can’t read or type? Do you know what it is like to finally be able to go to church and come out smiling instead of wondering why you even tried to go? And most importantly, do you know what it feels like to finally reach inside your child’s world ever since you “lost” her seven years ago? It’s incredible and priceless! And we are so grateful for this program.

Thank you for allowing us to rescue our princess and letting us find a much better solution for our Lexie.

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