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Parent P.R.E.P. Program

Parent P.R.E.P. (Preschool Readiness and Education Program) is a family intervention and education program in Utah County that aims to support parents of children with ASD, developmental delays, and other similar disorders by providing intensive, hands-on training to assist parents in meeting their child’s individual, educational, and social needs.  Its goals are to provide important information, training resources, and individualized guidance to support families and children in achieving a seamless transition into an appropriate educational or therapeutic program.

We will soon be introducing a new piece to this program which will include all ages and continue to provide the same family and parent support as previously given in the Parent P.R.E.P. program.  Discover training materials provided for the program below.

To request more information about Parent P.R.E.P., please call 801-437-0490.

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