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What Makes Us Unique

Clear Horizons Academy is the only private school in Utah County that specializes in educating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders above a preschool age. We are also the only school in Utah that uses the DIR Model as its foundation, which encourages a developmentally appropriate, individualized program for your child that is relationship-based. Goals are set according to each child’s unique developmental levels, interest and social needs, with the school day designed to meet those specific needs. Additionally we offer speech and occupational therapy, and include many other therapies that help a child to succeed. We also strongly encourage parents’ involvement and encourage them to be a core part of their child’s educational progress.

Additional Factors That Make Our School Unique
  • We have a low student to teacher ratio.
  • Our school participates in local advocacy and awareness raising campaigns.
  • We offer resources for parents to improve their own skills working with a child diagnosed with autism.
  • We offer payment assistance to families in need.

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