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Autism is a broad term used to describe a group of complex developmental neurological disorders. While it is usually a lifelong condition, the future of each child diagnosed with this disorder is highly variable.

Early and appropriate intervention is critical to improving not only a child’s development but also their life’s trajectory. Clear Horizons provides services that can make the difference between a child who will need to be cared for throughout his or her life and one who will be able to lead a productive, independent life.

As Clear Horizons is committed to helping each child acquire the skills they need succeed in life, we focus on three different areas:

  1. First and foremost, Clear Horizons operates a school, Clear Horizons Academy, where each child is the beneficiary of a tailored educational program that integrates speech, behavioral and occupational therapies designed to meet their individual learning and developmental needs. This comprehensive approach is vital to help children with autism acquire the skills necessary to be able to lead productive, independent lives in the future. Learn more about our school and what we can offer your family.
  2. Second, Clear Horizons works to ensure that teachers, therapists and other professionals who interact with children with autism are equipped with the appropriate training and resources. Our Train-the-Trainer program is designed to provide resources and hands-on training under the careful supervision of our professional staff. Learn more about training opportunities.
  3. Third, we understand that parents of children with autism are on the frontlines. Clear Horizons offers additional resources for parents to improve their own skills in working with a child diagnosed with this disorder. Through seminars and online workshops taught by our team of specialists, Clear Horizons is working with families across the nation.Learn more about our training opportunities.


  • In 2007, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Utah found that 1 in every 133 children in Utah was impacted by autism. An updated study released the spring of 2011 shows that number has increased to 1 in every 77 children.
  • Students in our Clear Horizons Academy program primarily come from three school districts: Alpine School District (50%), Provo School District (38%) and Nebo School District (12%).
  • Clear Horizons admits children into our school program regardless of their family’s socioeconomic situation. Our program fees are based on a sliding scale in order to accommodate every family’s needs.
  • It costs Clear Horizons $26,000 per child/per year to provide the comprehensive team of resources required to make an impact in that child’s future. In addition to student tuition, the State of Utah’s Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship contributes a maximum of $7,040 per year for each child that qualifies in our program. On average, Clear Horizons publicly fundraises more than $15,000 per year per child to make up the deficit.
  • Our current teacher/paraeducator to student ratio in our classrooms is 1:1.5. This does not include our therapists and other administrative staff.

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