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The Hurst Wood Education Foundation (dba Clear Horizons Academy) was founded in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) public charity to increase the educational opportunities for children with autism living in Utah. Members of the Brent and Kathryn Wood family became keenly aware of the limited educational resources available for children with autism when a young grandchild was diagnosed with this disorder. Realizing that the challenges they faced in finding accessible, adequate treatment and training for their family member was shared by many others, the family resolved to create a learning center where the needs of children with autism could be met and accessed readily by families in Utah County and surrounding communities. Clear Horizons has continued to grow exponentially with each passing year. While our overriding mission of educating children with autism has remained, our methods and strategies continue to adapt to the evolving needs of the autism community.


Our Board of Trustees strengthens Clear Horizons leadership role in the autism community by providing thoughtful management and strategic guidance. The Board of Trustees oversees all of our organization’s activities. Through regular management appraisals and review, the Board monitors all systems and procedures including operations, fundraising practices, accounting procedures and finances. Members of our Board of Trustees include

Brent & Kathryn Wood

Brad Adamson
Zions Bank

Bill Bridges
Utah Valley University

Brett Belliston
Andina Family Offices

Lane Critchfield
Woodbury Strategic Partners

Steve & Sondra Hurst

Brandon R. Nielson
Keystone National Group

Blair Poelman
Property Direct USA

Henry Whiffen

Tiffany Wood-McCarthy


Our National Advisory Board is a group of business and community leaders who have chosen to use their expertise and resources to implement a vision of transforming the lives of children with autism. Members of our National Advisory Board include:

Steven Bishop
Landmark Investments

Perry Cochell
Boy Scouts of America

Mark Hale, CPA
Hawkins Cloward&Simister

Bill Hopkins
Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC

Bryan Jepson, M.D.

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